Capt’n Chucky’s in Trappe, Pa.

Taking it to the streets!

Catch us at our next event and enjoy some of your favorites you have been picking up at our Trappe location over the years.

Our food truck will always feature Capt’n Chucky’s award winning Smith Island Crab Cake, as well as, some great seafood delights only available hot on our Curbside Seafood truck!

Click on our “Events” tab to the left to see where we will be next! See below about our “Cut the Line” preorder availability for some of our events.

Stop in and visit our “Brick & Mortar” Location:


430 W Main St.

Trappe, Pa 19464

(484) 902-8030

Captains Curbside Seafood Truck

Place Your Order!

Long lines can be a pain in the b🐟ss! NOW you can order online.

”Cut the Line” – Look for this logo for designated events on our calendar and you can order online, pay, then pick up at our designated “Cut the line” pick up window

cut the line food truck event

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Captains Curbside Seafood Truck
captains curbside food truck
captains curbside seafood truck
the mercury captains curbside seafood truck